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Ketocart.ca's Mission Statement:

   KetoCart.ca is an Alberta based company geared specifically towards those enjoying a low carb / keto lifestyle. Healthy, tasty food options all under 6 carbs per serving. It’s a simple, cost-effective way for our members to try new items monthly. Every item in the cart is available from our online store. Low carb can be a challenge. KetoCart.ca helps meet those challenges and shows our members options they may not have realized were there! As owners, our pledge to our members is to always supply quality foods at the best price possible. After all, we’re enjoying the Keto lifestyle as well. So let’s all get healthy together!

E.J. Rudiger


E.J. spent 20+ years working in I.T.  She is a Women's Self Defense instructor, and she’s passionate about people’s health.

Laine Ingalls


Laine is a Father of 6 and is the owner / head instructor of a Martial Arts gym in Grande Prairie, Alberta.